Nature Inn is a unique home away from home. At Nature Inn we present a retreat that provides the guests a matchless experience to enjoy a rejuvenating holiday in a green paradise.

The idea behind the formation of Nature Inn Homestay is to provide tourists and guests a memorable holiday experience. The beauty of Wayanad combined with a pleasant stay in a pristine environment can enhance the charm of the holiday by quite a few notches. This is exactly where Nature Inn Homestay stands out from others.     

The exceptional feature of Nature Inn is its service and homely atmosphere. The calm environ of the retreat provides ample opportunity to the guests to relax and soak in the surrounding beauty. Guests are provided with all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay. While warmth and comfort are the prime aspects of the homestay, the spacious holiday retreat scores as an utmost private place tucked away on top of a green hill.

It is an ideal destination for guests of all age. It is the perfect place for young couples who wish to have some quality time together. It is also great for families who wish to relax and enjoy. For those looking for some adventure on a holiday, Wayanad has a variety of scopes for such enthusiasts and Nature Inn presents the most wonderful place to relax after a hectic day. Even for a solitary soul who wants to relax or spend time in leisure, the homestay provides a soothing environ. It really doesn’t matter whether the guests are a large group of friends or an aged couple, the homestay offers cozy accommodation and an assurance of outstanding service for all. On top of that, the beauty of Wayanad invites all to be mesmerized by its splendor.

Nature Inn packs for the guests all the delights and facilities that make a holiday a really enjoyable one. Each day at the homestay is a delight for food lovers. Mouthwatering dishes, including the traditional Wayanad cuisine is provided to the guests to present a complete holiday experience. The food is prepared by expert cooks who take care to present healthy and tasty dishes and the taste is bound to stay with the guests long after they return home. For sightseeing purpose the homestay provides all assistance required for a safe and secure travel to all the tourist destinations in Wayanad. Local guides are available for guests who want them while visiting the tourist destinations. Doctor on call is available for guests in case of any medical emergency.

A wonderful holiday is rarely considered complete in the absence of activities and adventure. Wayanad has plenty of activities for those who want to explore the hill station or enjoy the thrill of adventure. Trekking through the dense forests and lush green mountains, climbing up the hills, exploring the unique flora and fauna of Wayanad, experiencing the thrill of a wildlife safari, cycling through the amazing landscape, crossing gurgling mountain streams are just a few of the excitement that Wayanad has in store for you.

Come and explore a world of wonder in Wayanad while Nature Inn provides you a great stay.