This 950-acre, uninhabited Island on the Kabani River is an ideal picnic spot. The wooded stretch of land is home to rare species of birds, orchids and herbs.

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary has a wide variety of animals.

Thirunelly Temple: The Thirunelly Temple embodies classical, traditional Kerala architecture. A famous pilgrim centre, this Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Pakshipathalam: Accessible only by foot, rare species of birds, animals and distinctive species of plants can be sighted here.

Pazhassi Tomb: The memorial of Veera Pazhassi Raja - the 'Lion of Kerala' - who organized guerilla warfare against the British East India Company.

Sulthan Bathery

Ambalavayal Heritage Museum: One of the best heritage museums in Kerala, it houses arte facts and belongings of the various tribes of the land.

Bathery Jain Temple: One of the most important among the many Jain temples here the Batherv Temple is believed to have been built during the 13th century

Edakkal Caves: Located at a height of 1000 m.on Ambukuthy Mala near Ambalavayal are the Edakkal Caves. The New Stone Age pictorial writings on the walls are relics of the prehistoric civilization that existed in these regions. Accessible only by a kilometer's trek from Edakkal.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary: Rich in bio-diversity. the sanctuary is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.


Chembra Peak: At 2100 m above sea level, Chembra is the tallest peak in Wayanad and is an ideal area for trekking.

Banasura Sagar Dam: The largest earth dam in India, as well as the second largest in Asia, this is a mini hydel project.

Meenmutty Waterfall: An interesting 2 km jungle trek will lead to the largest and most spectacular waterfall in Wayanad.

Sentinel Rock Waterfall: Locally known as soochipara, the pool at the foot of the falls is ideal for a quick dip.


Lakkidi: The gateway to Wayanad, Lakkidi is situated 700 m above sea level, at the crest of the Thamarasseri Ghat Pass.

Pookot Lake: This perennial fresh water aquarium, Vythiri nestles among wooded hills. Kayaking, pedal and row boating, fresh water aquarium, children's park, a handicrafts and spices emporium etc. are among the tourist facilities available here.

Karalad Lake: An unusually quiet retreat, facilities for angling and boating as well as a recreational park are provided here.